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NG Programs

Neutral Ground supports the well-being and overall developmental health of young people in Orange County by providing restorative practices and violence prevention/intervention support. Program staff interface with youth, students, school administration, staff, and parents to create a safer environment for learning and social-emotional growth.

The services offered by Neutral Ground are highly specialized and tailored to meet the unique social-emotional and basic needs of each youth while intermeshing with school campus culture. They include case management, restorative practices/prevention/intervention, circle/group facilitation, and youth engagement efforts. By means of the Youth Violence Prevention programs, Neutral Ground also implements an intervention model that has shown positive results in various cities and counties in California.

Neutral Ground collaborates with School Administrators, School Retention staff, Santa Ana Unified School Police, Anaheim School Police, and the Orange County Probation Department to establish a referral continuum. Youth from families affected by violence, siblings of juvenile-justice involved youth, and students exhibiting sudden behavioral changes, especially aggression,  are referred to Neutral Ground for restorative practices, support services, social service linkages, and case management.

The main goal of Neutral Ground is to create an educational setting conducive to learning and redirect participants towards a positive trajectory. The program aims to reconnect them with programs, schools, positive influences, and their families, fostering a violence-free, strong, healthy, and meaningful future.

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