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Neutral Ground’s Youth Violence Prevention Program (YVP), is a comprehensive initiative dedicated to engaging youth and families impacted by violence and equipping them with the essential support and resources to break free from the cycles of violence that have affected so many in our communities. 

Our program focuses on establishing a solid partnership between law enforcement agencies and the NG-YVP team, ensuring a seamless referral continuum that allows for effective identification and support of at-risk youth. 

Through a combination of restorative practices, support services, and case management, we address the underlying trauma experienced by these individuals. Our goal is to redirect their paths toward positive trajectories and facilitate their reconnection with programs, schools, positive influences, and, most importantly, their families.

By providing a nurturing and empowering environment, we strive to empower youth and families affected by violence to overcome their challenges and build a brighter future. We believe in the power of restorative practices and support services to heal wounds, cultivate resilience, and foster positive change.

Together, let's work towards breaking the cycle of violence and creating safer communities for all. We are changing the story. 

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