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For over three decades, Neutral Ground has been dedicated to transforming our community's story as a nonprofit organization. We firmly believe in the power of relational support, education, and training as foundational elements for healing and lasting change.

As we navigate these unique times, we rely on the generosity of individuals like you to sustain our vital work. We kindly invite you to make a generous, tax-deductible donation to support our mission. Your contribution will enable us to continue standing alongside those on the margins, offering them the resources and support they need to create a brighter future.

By making a donation, you become an essential part of the positive transformation happening in our community. Your support will help us provide vital services, develop innovative programs, and empower individuals to break free from the cycle of poverty, violence, and marginalization.


We are incredibly grateful for your commitment to standing with us and joining our efforts to change lives. Together, we can make a significant impact and create a community where everyone thrives.

Thank you for your generosity and continued support.

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