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Exciting News

We're thrilled to announce a momentous achievement for Neutral Ground! We have been selected as a Nonprofit of the Year for District 68 by Assemblyman Avelino Valencia. We are deeply honored to be included among a distinguished group of approximately 100 nonprofits from across California who are also being celebrated for their exceptional work in their respective communities.

This recognition serves as a testament to the dedication and passion of our incredible team, volunteers, and supporters who have worked tirelessly to create a healthier and safer Orange County. It is your unwavering support that has enabled us to break the cycle of violence, uplift individuals and families affected by adversity, and build meaningful relationships within our community. 

As we celebrate this milestone, we remain committed to our mission of breaking the cycle of poverty, violence, and trauma in Orange County. Your continued support will enable us to expand our reach, strengthen our programs, and uplift even more lives in our community. 

Thank you for being an integral part of Neutral Ground's journey. Let’s continue to Change The Story, and create a safer, healthier, and more compassionate Orange County.


Neutral Ground’s mission is to create a healthier, safer Orange County centered on its communities most impacted by gang violence; breaking the cycle of poverty, child abuse, academic failure, and teen pregnancy through restorative practice, youth development, academic support, and the strengthening of meaningful relationships.


Neutral Ground visualizes Santa Ana and Orange County in all that they can be–where kids get to be kids, where the streets are safe, a City and County that choose to invest in education before incarceration, a City and County home to schools that meet youth where they are and that spearhead the movement to transition traditional punitive approaches to ones that are restorative and healing, and a community in which every individual has the opportunity to thrive. 


And beyond the City of Santa Ana and Orange County, we envision a world in which kids are not touched by the justice system and in which kids are never subjected to circumstances that might corner them into acting in ways that result in this contact or into a forced resiliency. A world in which kids get to be kids.


Neutral Ground’s vision is schools that invest in mental health resources before metal detectors; parks that are safe for the families they were created for; a city that values its youth wholeheartedly and invests in that value through and through. Neutral Ground is working every single day to turn this vision into a reality.

About Us

For over three decades, Neutral Ground has been dedicated to transforming the narrative of our community. As a nonprofit organization, we firmly believe in the power of relational support, education, and training as the building blocks for sustainable change and healing.

Throughout the years, we have stood with those on the margins, providing vital resources and guidance to empower individuals and create lasting positive impact. However, our work is far from complete, and we rely on the generosity of supporters like you to continue making a difference.


At Neutral Ground, we are deeply grateful for every contribution, big or small. Your belief in our mission and dedication to changing lives is what fuels our efforts to make a lasting impact. Together, we can transform stories, uplift communities, and create a brighter future for all.

Make a generous, tax-deductible donation today, together, we can rewrite the narrative of our community and inspire hope for a better tomorrow.

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