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Neutral Ground
Sustainability Workshops

Demonstrates how to incorporate sustainable practices into everyday life. Identifies the right ways to recycle and provides a how-to guide to make composting a home a reality. 

Restorative Practices 

Neutral Ground services provide youth development and intervention support services to students in need; we accommodate each student's unique emotional and social needs as an alternative to the traditional punitive approach. Positive behavioral growth is encouraged through interactions with both a Restorative Practice Specialist and students versed in restorative practices.

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Night Lights

An 8-week summer intervention program designed to reduce crime and build community engagement, safety, and relationships. 

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Crisis Intervention

In partnership with the city and the Santa Ana Unified School District strives to create a safe space in schools; trained in gang intervention and conflict/violence resolution/de-escalation, we aim to mediate between students, faculty, and family members.


One-on-one mentoring focuses on establishing healthy relationships with students and their families at school and at home. ​


Parent Conferencing

Meetings to discuss improvements and solutions regarding students we are working with.


After-school Program

Time allotted for students to attend tutoring, restorative circles, weekly topics, life skills training, job search assistance, and guest speakers. Service-based mentoring will be provided through other venues, such as after-school community-service projects or post-secondary education linkages.

Boxing Club 

The boxing club is designed to teach discipline, and respect, and promote health and wellness to our students. ​

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Allies for Safety

Weekly workshops that aim to promote healthy relationships. Prevention efforts are made through learning about the dynamics of dating or partner violence. 


Father to Father

Develops young fathers ages 14-24 by instilling a sense of responsibility and contribution to the well0being of their family under the tutelage. The curriculum is also implemented to promote healthy father-child bonds and to reduce repeat adolescent births.